Every Life Is Worth Fighting for

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Murder Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: January 8, 2009
Every Life1

Every Life Is Worth Fighting For

Every Life2
Every Life Is Worth Fighting For
Everyday, we as a society fight for our rights. We defend them passionately. There are so many instances in which one cannot fight for their own rights. Partial-birth abortion is a silent killer of those individuals that cannot fight for themselves. Partial-birth abortion is when a doctor delivers a baby foot first; until the entire body except the head is outside the mother. The he punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a pair of surgical scissors. Making a hole for a suction tube where the doctor then sucks the baby’s brains out. That causes the skull to collapse and the infant to die. Now the dead child’s head can be delivered from the mother’s body.

A percent of partial-birth abortions are done because the mother’s life is at risk and the only way to save her is to delivers the baby. There are other ways of dealing with these types of situations. The baby does not have to be killed. The mother can have labor induced or has a cesarean, allowing the baby the chance to live even if it is for only a few moments. The baby deserves the chance to fight for its own life. Most partial-birth abortions are done between the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy. So many babies can survive being born prematurely.

Partial-birth abortions are also used as a form of birth control for women who don’t want children. If you don’t want children there are many different kinds of birth control that prevent you from becoming pregnant. Some you don’t even have to take a pill every day they are just inserted into your body. There is also adoption. So many couples want children but are physically unable to have them. These couples would do

Every Life3
anything to have a child. A lot of them are willing to pay for all the doctor bills and even give the mother a place to stay if need be. Open adoptions are very popular these too; where the birth mother gets to be a part of...

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