Every Journey Affects the Traveller

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“Every Journey Affects the Traveller”

It is true that every journey affects the traveller. The poems and related texts studied reveal both intended and unexpected outcomes for the traveller. Each is changed by his journey. This is shown in The Road Not Taken, Sea Fever and The Man From The Snowy River.

The Road Not Taken concerns a journey that is both physical and metaphorical. The traveller walks through a wood towards his destination, just as one travels through life. The wood is represented as “yellow” with the other adjectives creating the bright beauty of the forest. When the persona reveals a crossroad and is forced to make a decision, the rhyme “wood, stood, could” sustains the same sound to suggest his delay in making a decision.

Throughout the poem, frost uses a regretful tone: “sorry”, “long I stood” to show how long it took to make a choice which he knew would be significant. He uses exclamation: “oh, I kept the other for another day!” to add emphasis to his reluctance to abandon one of his choices. At the end of the poem, the tone is ironic and suggests that either the choice of path has indeed, affected him significantly.

Another poem that shows that the events of the journey affect the traveller is Sea fever. In this poem the persona takes an imaginative journey. The journey is based on memories or re-collections of the sea-faring life. This is shown by the accuracy and clarity of the images in the poem.

Throughout the poem Mosefield uses an imperative tone “I must go..” “…that may not be denied” to show the urge the sea voyage is irresistible. He knew it would be significant if he used alliteration such as ‘star to steer, flung, spay, blown, spume it continues the flow of the poem by the linking of words.

He also uses personification for example “steer her by “ the ship becomes a partner in the voyage. He also says “the seas face”, the sea doesn't actually have a face the sea has qualities of a similar person. He knew...
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