Every Good Boy by David Nicholls

Topics: Piano, Narrator, Fiction Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: September 5, 2013
”Every Good Boy” by David Nicholls (2011)
Expectations. It’s an odd word. It means that you believe that something will have a certain outcome. It can be either good or bad. Most people tend to forget that though, and only associate it with the good things. In reality, most expectations don’t have the outcome you want them to. No matter how hard you try to meet everyone’s expectations, it isn’t always in the cards for you. It could be that you expect a good grade for your latest essay or that you will find your yet to be discovered talent. This short story shows this exactly. The story revolves around the narrator and also main character of this story. The narrator is nine years old at the time the story takes place. His brother can dismantle and his sister is a majorette. He has tried numerous things some of them includes playing ball games, tree climbing and jumping on a trampoline. "But there must be something you can do," my father would sigh as I fumbled the ball, fell from the tree, bounced clear of the trampoline. "Everybody can do something." It is clear that his father is frustrated, but keeps pushing forward in the hope that he can discover his son’s talent. This is why he brings home a piano, right in the beginning of the story. “And what if this piano was the answer? Mozart was composing concertos at nine, and surely the only reason that I hadn't followed suit was because I didn't have access to the same tools.” The main character keeps up hope that this will be his talent, and makes himself believe that the only reason that he isn’t as talented as Mozart is because he never had a piano. Hereafter he decides, that he will become a prodigy. Obviously the other siblings are talented; therefore he is the only one not talented. His parents are both desperate to find his talent and he is as well. It’s almost as if he feels like the black sheep of the family, because he has yet to discover his talent. The main character starts piano lessons with Mrs....
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