Every Family Needs a Mother

Topics: Family, Mother, Homemaker Pages: 3 (1342 words) Published: November 15, 2010
In my young age on the regular basis, I remember the time when my mother to waked my brother and me up prepares us for school. There, we head to our kitchen where our mother is cooking us hot breakfast. Then here came my father who grabbed a piece of Chinese pancake, kissed my mother, and head off to work. We kissed our mother and trotted off to our school bus, heading to our school. When the school was done for the day, my brother and I were so excited to come home, seeing our dinner waiting that prepared by our mother. My mother would normally helps my brother and I on our homework before we spend our leftover free time with board games. This is the average day in my life of a family. The family structure is commonly thought to consists a father, mother, brother, sister, and perhaps family dog, but everything changes when a loved one was take out of the picture. When my mother passed away at my young age, the loss was the most traumatic experience. Mothers play an important role in the family structure. When taken out of the picture, the dynamics of a motherless family brings hardships, such as create emotional distress, no sense of normality, and bring less devoting time to the rest of the family members. Without a mother, the household deeds are not done, emotional support is not there and the family finds itself in a situation that there is a void in need to fill. The lost of my mother in my family take the toll in the household deed responsibilities. There isn’t anyone in my family to meet the responsibilities of cooking to because my father is working while my brother and I struggle to find time with school and cooking. I ended up cooking for my family, because I find it easier to learn basic cooking skills from my father and relatives in my free time over the weekend. Sometimes, my brother and I take turns each other to cook for our family. But when we didn’t get the chance, our father would normally take us out to eat at a restaurant. I...
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