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Every Event Can Be Viewed from Multiple Perspectives

By ilovecarla Apr 03, 2006 523 Words
"Every event can be viewed from multiple perspectives". I agree entirely with this aphorism for the reason that I have experienced a situation in where my perspective was utterly changed. I used to think that by no means possible this could come about. But, as one can see; it came about to me. I had an idea in my head, an idea that was carved in stone. An idea that I thought would never change no matter what perspective I saw it from, the idea that abortion is wrong. Well, just because of a little change of perspective it caused me to do a 180º, and it obliged me to opinionate completely differently in the matter of abortion. Every human being in the world only has to examine this aphorism very calmly and carefully, and then will notice that this aphorism is true in many ways. Every event in the entire universe can be viewed from multiple perspectives no matter what. For example: the experience that I happened to experience. I used to think that abortion was appalling, immoral, wicked, and a mortal sin. I was exceptionally convinced that my point of view on this matter could never be changed, and that there was no other perspective I could look at it from that would have me change my belief. I considered it killing a human being, I considered it murder. But, it wasn't until me and my girlfriend thought that she was pregnant that I finally realized that there was a different perspective that made me see this topic in a completely different way. I was now seeing this situation from a different perspective. The perspective which had me now agree with the belief of abortion being alright and correct. This new perspective had me see the different kind of solution to this problem, and the best solution for me was abortion. There are many other examples that can be given for this aphorism. Another example is that history books are never 100% true of fact. One will never know how an ancient king was really like. The king's followers wrote books and journals about him, and they happen to be writings that talk in favor of the king: because of their appreciation of him. (As on can see this is the perspective of his followers). Furthermore, the king's enemies however wrote hideous and insulting articles about him that usually made the king seem a little bit more dreadful or meaner than he could really be. (As one can see this is the perspective of his enemies). One can now notice that every event or issue in the world has different perspectives, no matter how you see something there is another person that sees it in a different way I couldn't agree more with the aphorism "Every event can be viewed from multiple perspectives" more. I have experienced quite a few situations in life that have made me come to the conclusion that even if one is sure that there is no other point of view to look at something from, in time another will appear.

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