Every child is a special

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A Reaction Paper about the Movie Entitled:
Every Child Is Special

     Every one of us has our own way of expressing what we want to do, we have given the ability to portrait it and show to the world that we excel in our own way of living, and not needing the expectation of others. Even those people who are not directly attach in the environment of others. I’m referring to those person who been special in the eyes of those who truly see their true value and existence in the community. They have wide imaginative skills that tour their self on those out of the world idea. Others do not really see their worth on why they are doing those things that make their selves happy and contented, they discriminate those special person that cannot fulfill the necessary task.

     On this movie, this is the story of a kid suffering from dyslexia and how with the help of an understanding teacher he overcomes it against all odds. Ishaan is a playful nine year old boy. He always gets low grades. He always gets into trouble. It seems like he enjoys defying orders that his parents feel anxious about him. I see the real worth of a child that has been discriminated by his neighbor, classmates and even his father because of his laziness in studying, but they do not see the real condition of the boy. The true worth of this thought-provoking film is in its educational value. The film educates the audience about dyslexia and promotes the idea that every child should be treated with love and respect despite his or her faults. A deeper look at the film brings out a bigger picture. That a child may provide his own idea if he will be recognize by others and see that he really need to have and attention of those people that is close to him. Especially his parents who want their child to learn to be a competitive one.

My Take on the Movie EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL also entitled LIKE STARS ON EARTH

After more than a two years of telling myself, I finally got to watch this movie. I had always wanted to watch this after all the good reviews my friends told me about this but what really got me more interested was after I watched Aamir Khan in Three Idiots. It was a really nice movie but that’s for another time. Taare Zameen Par or Like Stars on Earth (Walt Disney’s title) or Every Child is Special is a 2007 Bollywood movie about an 8 year old kid named Ishaan Awasthi. An eight year old boy is thought to be lazy and a troublemaker, until the new art teacher has the patience and compassion to discover the real problem behind his struggles in school. IMDB

Here is a more comprehensive summary, beware of spoilers below. Every Child is Special is a Hindi films directed by Amir Khan .The story is about an 8-year-old boy named Ishaan who cannot cope with the academic demands in school. He once complained that The letters are dancing!” when he was asked to read. Teacher threw him out of the class and the students who passed by the hall mocked him for being punished. Moreover, Ishaanreversed letters when he wrote and demonstrated a poor understanding of mathematical concepts. Sometimes if he commits mistakes everybody laughs at him or will shout on him just like what his father or even his mother did. He always find ways to laugh after evrybody laugh bout what his diong. He was at the risk of repeating a grade level again because of his poor scholastic performance.Too often, he may be caught by his teacher daydreaming and getting low grades. Ishaan began to evade homework and cutting classes because of his discouragement over his failings. Sometimes his father shouts and doing harsh against Ishaan. When his teachers advised his parents to avail of special education services, his family decided to send him to a boarding school instead in the hopes that the highly structured environment will straighten out his “behavioral problems”. But the academic status of Ishaan was not improve. Alternatively, he became withdrawn and lonely, far from the Ishaan who was...
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