Every Child Is Special

Topics: Teacher, Face, School Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Every Child is Special (Taare Zameen Par: Like Stars on Earth) Characters:
* Ishaan Nandkishore Awashti - is an eight year old boy who always day dreaming and dislikes school and fails every test and exam. * Ran Shankar Nikumbh - is an art teacher who voluntarily taught Ishaan to read and right. * Maya Awashti - is Ishaans mother who gave up her career to raise her children. * Nandkishore Awashti - Ishaan's strict, hard, dominating father. * Yohaan Awashti - is Ishaan's elder brother.

There was a playful nine year old boy who likes to disobey his parents and a boy whose enemies were books and books. One normal school day, his English teacher asked Ishaan to read a part from his book for the reason of catching him spacing out while looking outside the window. Ishaan had a difficult time reading the words and told his teacher that the words were dancing. The teacher felt frustrated at the child for disobeying her and for not wanting to study or participate in her class so Ishaan was sent out of the classroom and spent the whole period outside. After experiencing the wrath of his teacher, he ditched his other classes and roam around the streets alone. The same night he begged Yohan, his older brother to make him an excuse letter so he could attend class the following day. Ishaan was, indeed, permitted to attend class, but they had a test in Math and because of spacing out and imagining random things he only answered the first number yet he answered it incorrectly, unfortunately failing again. That same day, his father found the fake excuse letter and asked his mother if Ishaan was sick the other day. His mother told his father that Ishaan was not sick and thus he discovered that Ishaan skipped his class. His parents met the teachers the next day. His parents learned that Ishaans not progressing at all and that he might fail grade 3 again. Ishaan’s father was very frustrated at Ishaan. He asked Ishaan why he could not be like his...
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