Every attempt to know the world rests on a set of assumptions

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1. In regards to #4, I feel as though this statement is true. After all, how can we be something we don't know about? This statement is very interesting, however, because the knowledge we possess does not necessarily have to define every aspect of our being; some things may be left out in order to appear "normal" in society. Opinion plays a huge role when determining your personal identity, but society, which ends up giving us most of our knowledge, plays a bigger one. Personally, I like this prompt because it is very open to interpretation and there are many ways to approach it. Unfortunately, I think it would be difficult to extend this statement to other areas of knowledge.

In response to #3, I believe this statement is true to an extent, but it could be difficult to prove. First, you would have to discuss what it means for something to be "tested". The results or procedures of a test may mean something different from person to person. However, these assumptions cannot be tested, meaning it is up to the individual to determine if they know the world or not. The individual must realize that this is based on an assumption. For this reason, I think this statement would be interesting to argue, but would also be very difficult to prove; it depends too much on individual beliefs. Reply

DamiWed Sep 04, 07:52:00 PM
Regarding #3, I think it is asking for a comparison between proven knowledge and assumptions, which leads to further questions such as, what is knowledge and how do you know if something is true. This question could potentially be one that cannot be answered thoroughly within 1600 words. The topic suggests very broad questions that would be difficult to answer. The idea of knowledge is interesting because it is based on perspective. The validity of factual knowledge would also have to be analyzed, while comparing them to assumptions. I find this question particularly interesting because it questions the credibility of everything we have learned...
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