Evergreen Investments

Topics: Customer relationship management, Mutual fund, Sales Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: March 18, 2014

Evergreen Investments
Mobile CRM
Case Study II

Evergreen Investments has a focus in the financial services field, in a hyper competitive economy with top ranked competitors including Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Black Rock and Morgan Stanley making it vital for Evergreen to stand apart. Evergreen is a mutual fund company with over $247 billion in assets under management. Evergreen’s goal is to use this mobile CRM system to their advantage to ease the process for their wholesalers through the use of wireless technology of blackberries while also benefiting their customers and their needs. Evergreen wanted to implement a CRM system to show detailed information regarding their customers to modify their services, sales pitches and presentations to ultimately strengthen their client relationships. The company has had a difficult history when it comes to their CRM system; it was implemented initially because managers saw it to be important when in reality all users hated it. Sales representatives, managers as well as wholesalers did not see the benefit in this system. Sales representatives consider it to be, “a tax on their job”, “taking time away from their real job”, “giving and giving to the system, but never getting anything from it” and that “it takes too long to enter all the required information” (Evergreen Investments). Not one person felt “ownership” of the CRM System leading to the company to find a solution via mobile CRM. Sales people, otherwise known to be wholesalers traveled all over with investment advisors explaining strategies, distributed promotional, planned and educational materials. Their job is to record all details regarding their meetings ranging from where, who, when, meeting format, time and the subject of the matter. They were not expected to write up the comprehensive record from the road, which led them to entering details from their laptops at the end of the week. Because of not filling...

Cited: McAfee, Andrew. Evergreen Investments: Mobile CRM. N.p.: XanEdu Publishing Inc., 2013. Print.
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