Everglades National Park

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Everglades National Park


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September 23, 2010

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When it comes to one of the biggest national parks in the world, with beautiful animals, some on the verge of extinction and also all of the beautiful landforms it possesses a name that come to mind is the Everglades National Park located in the southern section of the Florida peninsula. The Everglades National park covers about 1,506,539 acres; it is the third biggest National Park in the United States, the first biggest is Death Valley National Park and second is Yellowstone National Park. It seems as though the Everglades National Park has been inhabited for 10,000 years or maybe 20,000 about 4,000 years ago the Everglades National Park was abundant in food supplies like fish, shellfish, plants and also in land animals.

The Everglades National Park is a place very well known for all of the beautiful animals and all of the terrain but what most people don’t know is the bad things that did go on and that do go on. These bad things not only happen with most of the animals but with some parts of land, with the water and the water supply as well. The first threats to the Everglades ecosystem came when people first stepped foot in them. Most of the birds were all hunted for their plumage up to the brink of extinction and the basis of existence of the Everglades, known as the river of grass was under attack by the Floridians when they started to divert the water to flow south from Lake Okeechobee to control floods and to provide water to the burgeoning population. During the early 1900’s the then governor Napolean Bonaparte Broward promised to get everything in order, the channeling projects were completed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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The park was never officially created before people started to take notice that the animals, especially birds needed protection. In the year 1832 a man name J. J. Audubon visited, observed and also studied the very amazing concentration of birds in the Everglades. Due to all of his efforts and his society in 1901 the hunting of birds was prohibited with the exclusion of game birds and due to all of this the interests of preserving parts of the park began to develop. No matter what the threats to the Everglades didn’t stop, in the contrary they kept pilling on. For example, oil drilling started, lumbering and a lot of other activities. But all of these activities made people start thinking more about the preservation of the animals and the park, that is when the Everglades National Park was established and the date was May 20, 1934. On that day a bill was passed for the authorization to create the park but the land for the Everglades was not actually acquired until after World War II. President Truman finally dedicated the park Everglades National Park on Dec. 6, 1947 in a ceremony at Everglades City and it was the first park ever to be protected because of its biological resources.

The Everglades National Park is also well known for a lot of its wild life and in all of that wild life is included the largest number in the American continent of wading birds, alligators and 14 endangered and also threatened species. It is one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. The most common of animals in the Everglades is the alligator; the alligator is the biggest of all of the retiles in America and they can be found all over the park. The males can grow as long as 14 feet and the females grow to about 8 to 9 feet long. The alligators eat a variety of animals from wading birds, turtles, raccoons, fish such as the gar and even some poisonous snakes. The alligator is a very powerful animal

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with about 400 teeth and skin that is made of hundreds of rectangles which the alligators depend on for defense. The skin of the alligator is precisely the reason for...

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