Everest reflection paper

Topics: Decision making, Goal / Pages: 4 (1434 words) / Published: Dec 2nd, 2014
Hank Alaniz
MGT 127
Everest Reflection

1. What did you learn about working with a team through this simulation?
The main thing I learned through this simulation is that communication, collaboration, and teamwork is very important in being successful. For example, from the start, our team members communicated what each of their personal goals were and how many points that we got from accomplishing each of them. We collaborated on what our next move would be when it came to figuring out whether or not we would stay at the same camp or advance. Teamwork was key because if we weren’t together and just tried to work on our own agendas, then we would have never made it to the top successfully. When a new challenge came, we tackled it as a team and not individually. We were much stronger working together rather than working against each other. In the end, working together really paid off for us.

2. What did you learn about leadership through this simulation?
I learned that you don’t have to show your authority and that you don’t have to be controlling to be a good leader. To be an effective leader, you have to be able to talk to people and be able to connect to the people you are working with. Letting everyone have a say in whatever decision needs to be made is a great way to get everyone feeling empowered and important. Depending on the type of team you have and the type of people you are working with lets you know what type of leadership style to use. Since our team was very self-motivated and productive, we didn’t have to rely on the leader telling us what to do. He would let the group know what the current situation was and asked how we should go about it. This really helped us to have our own opinions and voice and it worked out well for us.

3. What was your role in this simulation? How did your individual goals relate to the overall team goals and the goals of other individuals within you team?
I had the role of being the marathoner and my goals

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