Everest Reflection

Topics: Irving Janis, Groupthink, Team Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: April 18, 2011
This assessment requires you to reflect on the team experience that you have now been part of (climbing Everest). As suggested you should use the notes or diary that you kept while doing the team simulation and also make reference to relevant theories or materials read so far on the course.

Guidelines for Content
Individual Reflections - Word Count: 1,000
1) Introduction to Team and Team Roles
2) Discuss two or more of the following
• team synergy and information sharing
• goal conflict problems
• the importance of psychological safety
• group think
• role of the leader
3) Lessons Learnt

Introduction to Team & Team Roles
Team 2 consisted of six members each of whom played one of the following roles in the Everest Simulation (completed Feb 27): Leader (C)
Most experienced mountaineer on possibly her last Everest climb. A lucrative sponsorship deal was available if the expedition was a success. Physician (P)
A tenured professor and world renowned physician with some mountaineering experience. Primary focus was on a research project. Photographer (J)
An experienced mountaineer and a photographer of world standing. Primarily focused on a pet project. Marathoner (Myself)
Despite being asthmatic, a world class athlete with some mountaineering experience. Lucrative sponsorship deal on offer if my expedition was a success. Environmentalist (M)
Experienced mountaineer on possibly his last climb due to health issues. A successful clean up exercise during the expedition would be rewarded by a grant to fund a pet project. Observer (A)
No objectives that influenced the simulation.

Team Synergy & Information Sharing
Team 2 had to contend with a variety of individual challenges just to take part in this simulation… From diverse work commitments (including the general election), multiple night and weekend shifts, an expectant father, pre-arranged holidays to simple geography we actually had a very small window to come together as a...

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