Everest Brand Strategy and Recomendation

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Everest Spices is an Indian manufacturing company which has been evolving since last 45 years. It mainly deals in ground spices and spice mixtures. Its market is not only India but it also caters to market like US, Middle East, Singapore, Australia, etc where target customers are non resident Indians.

It has won trust of the most consumers by winning Super brands status three years in a row in 2003, 2006 and 2009. It also won FMCG Consumer Reaction Award. Everest started began advertising aggressively on the television in 2003, and by 2005, it had 30% share of the branded pure spices market in India. According to the 2007 study, Everest was India's largest spices brand based in Mumbai. More than 20 million households used Everest spices regularly. The brand was stocked by 400,000 outlets in more than 1000 towns across India. More than 3.705 billion packs of Everest product were sold each year. There were more than 42 blends under the Everest brand name.

Everest serves various categories:
1. Ground spices
2. Spice mixtures
3. Herbal beauty care
4. Natural Health Care
5. Table top sprinklers

In these categories various variety of products are sold in different SKUS so that they can be consumed and cater to different necessities of the Indian kitchen. Given the diversity of India's consumers, blending a masala is both, a science and an art. It has to achieve a taste that meets the specific taste demanded by a particular ethnic or regional group. Spices known for their colouring, thickening, souring, and pungency properties are often added achieve masala blends that are specific to specific tastes of communities from various regions and ethnic groups. Further, many herbs, pulses and fresh spices are also added for their "cooling" and "nutritive" properties to masalas. It is this complex blending of many spices that distinguishes Indian cuisine from others.

In Ground Spices:

1. Three variety of chilly powder. Namely,
a. Tikhalal
b. Kashmiri chilli powder
c. Kutilal
2. Turmeric Powder
3. Coriander Powder
4. Black Pepper Powder
5. White Pepper Powder
6. Cumin Powder
7. Dry Ginger Powder
8. Dry Mango Powder
9. Kasuri Methi
10. Saffron
11. Hing powder & Hing yellow powder

In Spice Mixtures:

1. Kesari milk masala
2. Garam masala
3. Pavbhaji masala
4. Chhole Masala
5. Shahi Biryani Masala
6. Sambhar Masala & Super Sambhar Masala
7. Chaat Masala
8. Tea Masala

9. Pani Puri Masala
10. Sabji Masala
11. Kitchen King Masala
12. Jaljira Powder
13. Shahi Garam masala & Royal Garam Masala
14. Rasam Powder
15. Tandoori chicken masala
16. Meat Masala
17. Egg curry masala
18. Chicken Masala
19. Jiralu
20. Fish Curry masala

In Herbal Beauty Care:

1. Everest Henna Powder

Natural Health Care:
1. Jaljira Powder
2. Kesari Milk Masala
3. Tea Masala

Table Top Sprinklers:
Available in bottles only

1. Chaat Masala
2. Black Pepper Powder

Everest has striven to upgrade technology, improve production techniques, conduct research and create attractive and modern packaging. It has spent considerable time and effort in improving the distribution network so that the brand is on shelves in the shortest possible time, and what consumers buy is the freshest product.

It has also outpaced competition by bringing in more blends and introducing new tastes to different regions. In a way, Everest spice blends bring the palates and people of India closer together.
Everest spices come in two forms: pure spices and blended masalas. The basic ingredients are always...
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