Events Agency Business Plan

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Business Plan

Business name and address:
Sunshine events
Gateway House
1st Purcell Street,
N1 6RD

Tel: 02083687070
Fax: 02083687073

Business form:

Events Agency
* Party Planning
* Underground Parties
* Students Parties
* Christmas/Summer/ Birthday Parties
* Children Birthday
* Social Events
* Students Services
* Restaurant/Venue Bookings

Business activity:

Our main activity will be to organize Underground Parties but our business aims to do several events such as student parties or Christmas/Summer/ Birthday Parties and Children Birthday parties. In order to get a good connection with university students we will offer Students Services for international or new students where they can meet new people by attending planned events. Other activities we would be doing are more Social Events for abandoned children, old people or disabled people such as: sports activities or trips and therefore would get funding from the government. We will be organising dinner parties for work functions or just bookings for our registered students or other clients.


Our aim of the business is to organise and promote electronic music events.  Also set up events and services to as much functions as possible, even if these are not profitable, but it will help our business grow and can create strong connections with other people who can drive us to other future opportunities.


* Sales of £500,000
* Gross profit margin of 38%
* Net profit margin of 30%

Sunshine will organize events in the United Kingdom. Most of our events will be held in London, but we will also organize events in other attractive cities and locations of the UK. * Party Planning

* Underground Parties
Our main activity will be to organise and promote underground electronic music events because we have great links with top Djs who are very hard to book. Our main profit will come from creating these kind of events. The main element of every party will be quality music. We have already booked 12 Djs and will organize one Party per month. The number of people we are expecting to come is between 500 and 2000. We have done some research about our booked djs and found that they have been playing from small private events to big festivals held all over the world from America to Australia with over 20,000 people. * Students Parties and Services

Same as our Underground Events, we will organise one Student Party per month for students, either for university students or for our membership students. Student Parties are mainly involved with organising student nights that incorporate on stage entertainment with student style music and culture. We also want to attract them by choosing nice venues and provide quality services which would surely make a big difference compared to University Parties. In addition we will hold a Student Membership whereby international or new students can join by paying a small fee; here they can meet new people by attending planned events. We want to show them just how good a night out can be with the right planning and organisation. When joining, they have to complete a questionnaire from which we will find out more about them, such as their hobbies, music tastes or their budget. Then we will create small group of friends depending on their hobbies, music tastes and their budget, because we believe these factors are very important when it comes to friendships. (e.g if a student is listening to Rock music, he can’t have too many things in common with a student who’s listening to R&B music; they might have some interesting subjects to talk about, but because of their Music tastes they have different ways of having fun). After creating groups of friends it is going to be our job to make sure they will enjoy their student experience....
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