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event that marked my transition from chilldhood to adultery

By syedzaeem Mar 26, 2014 878 Words
Our life is a collection of events and their corresponding experiences. Some of these experiences are ephemeral and the rest sometimes puts an everlasting impact on our life and lifestyle. In these experiences, there are some that mark the achievement of our maturity. These are those points of our life that mark our transition between different phases of age. I have had such one event in my life that had a lasting effect on me and transformed me from a child to an adult.

That event came from nowhere, it wasn’t anticipated by me. I was living a quotidian life, doing what I used to do, not trying anything new. It was July and I was busy enjoying the vacations. July often brings some rough weather with itself, but living in Karachi was the safest of all. However, I seldom found some news about lethal storms and heavy rainfalls in the rest of the country, but it didn’t bother me as I was safe by His blessing. One morning, I woke up and turned on the T.V, it wasn’t long when I was left perplexed by the destruction done by the heavy rainfalls. Deluge of water fell from the sky and took the face of a devastating flood that wiped out a major part of the state. Pakistan was always known to be an agricultural state, but those fields on which our state’s agriculture relied all the years were all adversely affected. But it wasn’t for the fields that got me to think, it was the number of deaths and casualties of my fellow nationals. Their homes were gone, they had no food, no shelter and then the flood and rainfalls made the situation worse for them. It was no more than a catastrophe for them, surviving in such apocalyptic situation was unimaginable.

I always had a soft heart for the sufferers, and that was the moment when I was shaken badly from top to bottom. I thought of helping them, but had no resources to help them. I even told my elder brother my intentions of helping the survivors and strugglers to get some idea but he laughed and told me to give up. That moment, I decided to something, anything for them. Googled how to help flood victims and found many ways, but the best I liked was to raise some funds. Although it wasn’t that easy, but still I decided to give it a try. When every other child of my age was busy enjoying their life, I was trying to figure some way to achieve my objective of fund raising. Despite being aware of the possible failure, I was convinced to take the high road and I did that. Recruited some friends from the neighborhood and got them on the cause too. Our plan was to go home-to-home and ask for some funds hoping that we would succeed as no one would want to see their nation in crisis. We were wrong as everyone thought that we would use the funds for our own purposes and ended up with almost nothing. We had to think of something and had to do it expeditiously, as none of our plan worked because everyone thought we were kids.

I was chagrined seeing all my efforts go in vain. I was this close on giving up all my hopes when my brother acknowledged my hard work and came to me with a helping hand. He took me to his University and asked me to impress and convince his class mates upon giving up some funds for the victims. It was hard enough but this was my last shot. I thankfully succeeded and not only got the funds from his class but from every class in the University. Now what I had was a big amount back then was a big amount, big enough that could fulfill all of my wishes but I didn’t let that amount or the devil distract me from my intentions. On further collection of funds, I asked my brother to start a Campaign in his University for the cause. As wished, the campaign started and soon we were getting funds from the whole city. Then, I didn’t had to worry about any more convincing or struggling as the process was already started. After just two weeks, we sent the funds and that were enough to accommodate 1000 victims. Though the number was not big as compared to the sum but I believed that every human life is precious.

This event lifted me from childhood and took me to adultery in a way that I never expected. I got acknowledged and received some great applauses, even from those neighbors that had refused me earlier, my brother even got popular in his University because of this cause. From that moment, I tried to always think everything seriously and positively because every deed counts for the life here after. Some people now think that this is some sort of a made-up story because they believe a kid can never achieve something big. But what I believe that it doesn’t take long for a kid to become a man and it needs devotion to achieve something big, not age.

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