Event Proposal

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Event Proposal

On the 14th December 2010, Trinity University Foundation degree students will be hosting a Multi-skills activity event, for children from Schools in the local community. The event being proposed is a multi- skills event, which has been organised by a group of 6 undergraduate students who are currently studying in, “Supporting Learning: Physical Education and Health”. The group have joined together to plan a multi-skills activity event, aimed at Primary School children in years 5 and 6. The team believed a multi- skills event would be appropriate for children of this age. In addition, a multi-skills event offers many more beneficial factors than other types of events. Multi-skills activities enhance a Child’s balance, co-ordination, agility, body awareness, endurance and strength. The motives for the event are to promote physical activity, to promote Healthy lifestyles and to promote community cohesion in sport and physical activity, towards young people. The groups aim target is “To provide enjoyment and the opportunity for pupils’ to interact with each other through a multi-skills approach to physical activity. Children from three different schools will be attending the event. The group believed that as part of the aim; community cohesion, promoting team work between the three different schools is important. The group therefore decided to mix the teams of the three different schools.

Physical activity events aid in promoting and encouraging children to actively take part in physical activities both in school and out. Governments have often aided event organisers in physical activity to help promote sports towards children, specifically, unhealthy children. That is why it is important that children receive the Schools Sports Trust PESSYP strategy. The strategy states that children need to achieve at least 5 hours of physical activity per week if they are to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

When the children arrive on the day, they will be introduced to the team. They will then be given a brief walkthrough of the sports centre including toilets and fire exits. The children will then be split into four different groups. Each group will have a different colour. The children will then take part in their first activity, which will be the warm up. The warm up will last around ten minutes. The warm up will involve an activity in which the children will have to compete with one another in order to gain points. In each group there will be a member of staff that will stay by the group for the whole of the event; the member of staff’s responsibility is to encourage the children as they make their way around the circuit. The member of staff will also be in charge of point collecting for their group. During the event there will be opportunities for children to take a break, there will be 8 stations that have an activity each on them and 2 stations that are designated for breaks. The designated break stations are accompanied with fruit and drinks. If a child needs to go to the toilet at any point then they will be escorted by a member of staff. Once the children have completed all of the multi-skills activities they will be asked to rejoin their groups and wait while the scores are tallied. The scores will then be announced and the winning team will be rewarded with certificates. A “child friendly” questionnaire will then follow; this will help when evaluating the event.

Considerations of ethics have been discussed thoroughly. The possibility of any child with a Special Education Need will be given extra support that will be needed if necessary. In addition to extra support from the team, any child with an SEN will be likely to have support from a member of staff from the schools that are attending. If this is not the case then the group will ask for support from the school staff. As a group we designed a risk assessment which covers all of the hazard aspects, including; equipment, large numbers of...

References: Basic Marketing, William D.Perreault, E Jerome McCarthy, published Mcgraw-Hill College; 13th edition (December 1998)
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