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Event Planning Final
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Event
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra works towards presenting classical music not only to those in Chicago but those nationally and internationally as well. Therefore when planning an event for this organization it is important to constantly remember their goals. The orchestra also focuses on Artistic excellence, audience development, education, and financial stability. To plan an event which encompasses these staples one must look at what tugs on the heartstrings of those passionate about classical music, as well as those who have the means to donate.

The very first step is securing a budget and a plan. Luckily the CSO has already secured a generous budget of $100,000 towards the event; there may also be a few other small sponsors that may contribute to the cause. However to set a safe budget the CSO is guaranteed $100,000. From here it is important to get an affirmative commitment from both the Orchestra’s President and the sponsor, no verbal quotas. For now this budget will cover the obvious essentials; invitations, venue rentals, food and beverage, staging, audiovisual and entertainment.

Now that we know the budgeting limitation the only other limitation is imagination! The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is Sophistication. Classical music is in a realm all its own, it possesses a sense of class and beauty that this event must possess as well. As stated earlier the event must also tie into the mission of the orchestra. The initial idea I had was similar to the celebrate event, a large dinner portraying some of the students, as education is a goal. However, I then thought of how elegant a wine tasting event could be. With such a posh audience it is important to do something they will be attracted too. While it would be nice to present a young student at the dinner the student and his or her parent are not the target markets. The target market appears to be...
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