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Care Support Assignment D20164

Sinead St. Valentines’ Anniversary Day Party

NB: The name of persons, staff and work place involved in this assignment brief has been changed to protect the privacy of the person or group involved as well as the work place.

I Work as a Care Assistant in Modest Nursing Home through an agency, The Good Fortune Agency. I have been with the company more than five years and often work in the above nursing home. I also did my work placement with the home February 2013 as required. This brief is about the St. Valentines’ day party I planned with others staff in honour of one of our client Mrs Sinead Connolly who has been residence in the home since November 2012. Sinead, 69 years old seems to be a shy person, she wouldn’t or let me say hardly say a word to anyone, hardly interested in any activities of the nursing home even when she is mobile and fit.

She stay all to herself and even if you talk to her, after few words she stop to talk and her facial expression will tell that she is bored by your presence. On the 8th of February, following my persistence effort to get her to talk she asked me when is St. Valentines Day, I answered few days from today and she said ‘’I miss my husband’’. I tried to get her to chat about St. Valentine’s Day or maybe what she means by I miss my husband, but she wouldn’t talk about it. I went to the Matron of the Home to find out about her husband and why she asks of Valentine’s Day. She told me that she got wedded on St. Valentine’s Day and that her husband is late.

After this knowledge, the next day I got her engaged to talk about her Valentine’s Day wedding and how she would love to spend Valentine’s Day. Initially she wouldn’t talk to me but opened up later because she was interested talking about her husband and her wedding day. During the course of our discussion I asked ‘’Sinead, what would you do on your wedding anniversary?’’, She said ‘‘noting but cry’’. I empathise with her and that

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