Event Planning

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Homework - Week 1

Part 1:

A pharmaceutical company is hosting an off-site evening hospitality reception for 200 of their best customers, featuring a theme that celebrates local culture. In order to ensure that the event is properly executed it must incorporate the six A’s, anticipation, arrival, atmosphere, appetite, activity and amenities.

Anticipation is the first dimension of an event experience and is created with the announcement of the event. The anticipation of the hospitality reception will be delivered through invitations to the 200 selected customers. The invitations will provide specific information regarding the event such as the time and location, theme of the event, and additional details. There would not be a need for advertisement or promotions as it is a small intimate event and not meant for the public. The invitations will convey to the guests the purpose of the event and the reason it is being held. This would create anticipation leading up to the event.

Arrival involves the necessary details to ensure that guests are able to arrive at the right time and place for the event. The travel and transportation of the guests to the particular event is very important. Directions can be included in the invitations and proper signs must be in place for the day of the event. Personnel will be hired to guide guests as they arrive as well and greet them as well. Departure will be similar in that there will be personnel to give directions as they leave the event and ensure they know how to get to their next destination.

Atmosphere involves the physical environment of the event and anything that may impact the overall experience for the guests. The event will be located in a hotel reception room and the layout will allow for the guests and members of the company to mingle with one another. Security will be present to ensure only invited guests are at the event. Decorations will represent the theme, local culture. The theme will be a large...
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