Event Management: Definition and Classification

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Professor Donald Getz (1997) defines Events from two perspectives : 1.From sponsoring/ organizing viewpoint :
A special Event is a one-time or infrequently occurring event outside the normal programs or activities of the sponsoring/organizing body.

2.From customer view point :
To the customer or guest, a special event is an opportunity for leisure, social or cultural experiences outside the normal range of choice or beyond everyday experience.

Dr. J. Goldblatt (1997) defines special events as “ A unique moment in time celebrated with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs ”.

Classification of Events :
This is very difficult to classify the events. Classification of events could be done from several dimensions. Classification can probably be done on the basis of size or type/category. In terms of size, events can be categorized into :

Mega events,
Regional events,
Major events,
Minor events,
According totypes/category, events can be classified into :
Entertainment, Arts, Culture,
Commercial and Promotional,
Meetings and Exhibition,
Fund raising,


Events by size

1.Mega Events : Largest, generally targeted at the international markets. The Olympic games, World cup soccer and cricket etc are examples. Some of the Mega events, although not having world wide audiences and coverage, but in terms of size these are really Mega events. The examples are :Hazz- the largest congregation of muslims, BishwaIztema- the Largest gathering of devotee muslims in Bangladesh, MahaKumbhMela - the largest religious gathering on Ganges and Yumuna rivers in Allahabad, India where in the year 2001 almost 70 million Hindu pilgrims converged. This gathering takes place every 12 years.

2.Regional events : Regional events are designed to increase the appeal of a specific tourism destination or region. Some regional events attracts both local international visitors. BOISHABI, local URSsharif, etc. are the examples.

3.Major Events : These events attract significant local interest and large numbers of participants, as well as generating significant (tourism) revenue. As an example, Chinese New Year celebrations are held in capital cities. In Honolulu, the event includes many festivals and traditions for the New Year, including the Lion Dance, Lantern Festivals parades, and Dragon Boat races. Friends and relatives of the Chinese community often visit at this time. In the same way, Songkran- the New year celebration in Thailand is another example of major event. From that view point, ‘PohelaBoisakh’ or ‘’ Ekushe February’ could be examples of major events in our country.

4.Minor Events : Most events fall into this category. These are the events most popularly known as “experience gathering events”. Almost every town, city, county host annual events. Many times we also include the family events in this category too.

Events by Type/ Category:
Suggested categorization of events :

In terms of type and category, several events are there as follows : 1.Sporting : Olympics games, winter Olympic, summer Olympic, world cups, national sports, regional sports, institutional sports, family sports etc.

2.Entertainments, Arts, Culture : Cultural programs, fashion show, social fairs, concerts etc. In US, around 31,700,000 people attended symphony orchestra concerts in 2000.

3.Commercial , Marketing and Promotional Events : Launching of new products, perfumes, cars etc, national book fair, trade fairs, admission fair etc.

4.Meetings and Exhibitions : AGMs of the corporate bodies, convocations, welfare exhibitions etc.

5.Festivals : Religious festivals, national festivals like independence day, nobo-borsho, Thailand’s Songkran – New Year celebration.

6.Family : Weddings, funerals, birth days etc.

7.Fundraising : Red crescent society, hospitals,...
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