event management

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The 5 c’s of event designing

Event is a well organized and well planned happening

Carrying out

Concept: it is defined as the 1st stage of idea generation on the basis of which the event is taken forward or given as well defined shape. The concept plays a very important role as this is at this stage, they are dropped or accepted and it is only from here that the next 3 stages which of costing, canvassing and customization takes place. A good concept clubbed with other elements can determine the success as well as the level of the event

Costing: costing is the 2nd stage of event designing in which the approximate cause costs are calculated for logistics venue marketing and all the other factors associated with that event. The costing is determined once the concept is approved. The nature of event is determined and profile of our target audience is clearly understood. It is very important , the target audience & the concept as that determines the level of the event, the marketing and promotional tours and above all the venue.

Canvassing: is basically divided into 2 stages or 2 parts. 1st is basically to lure the sponsors into the event. It is important that the nature of the event and the profile of the sponsor matches as a mis match can cause damage to the event and to the sponsors. A careful thought does have to be given. While choosing or luring the sponsors to manage the event correctly. The 2nd part of canvassing is the stager where a sponsor or sponsors are already part of event and both the event as well as the sponsor name is used to promote each other. In other words , association of the sponsor with a event is beneficial to both as when an image is talked about, they both talk about it together and thus gain equal awareness and importance Ex: airtel Delhi marathon

Airtel is the main sponsor and Delhi marathon was an event

Customization: event is done on the basis of concept , the TA &...
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