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EV304 404
The Word of Hospitably 2013

Lecturer: Ms. Sofia Rodrigues
Date: 23th May 2013 PGDEM Yicheng (Jason) Wang wayi150590


Report Purpose
In this report, the author will be writing about evaluation of service department in the world of hospitably event. Then the author will compare with organization and operation to evaluate service department to state whether event is successful for service department. In addition, the report will show challenges and difficult during the event, and from these experience get how can improve quality of service in future. What is the key of successful service? Background information

Many organizations plan events yearly or for special occasions, such as anniversaries or for holidays. These events may be highly successful or they could turn out as a flop when it comes to meeting the goal for holding the event. Appropriate planning and decision-making can often determine event success. To aid in the success of future events, there are 5 W (what, when, where, who, why) to consider when planning an event. (E-zine, 2008) The world of hospitably event is a big event that organized by PGDEM and 3rd year of SHMS students in Leysin. The SHMS is a hospitably school, and their students major are hospitably of different program. This year the world of hospitably event theme is different culture in different countries; the guest can feel to go to different countries and eat different kings of food. The event date was 12th May 2013 and the venue was SHMS Leysin champ of Mont- Blanc Palace. The guests had almost 500 with different levels in there. They were local people in Leysin and some restaurant or hotel manager from different city, and also had some school leader. From planning to shut down, the whole event organize by manager of school, some teacher and students. The main director is MS. Sofia Rodrigues who she is lecturer in school and often organizes banquet and event in school. She helps to organize in whole event. The biggest stakeholder was SEG group. SEG group is Switzerland's biggest hotel education institutions. The event showed SHMS’s hospitably in Switzerland and good quality of SEG education institution. Venue description

The world of hospitably event is held in SHMS Leysin champ, the SHMS Leysin champ has the two main building, Mont- Blanc Palace and belvedere; the event venue was in Mont-Blanc. Event venue consists of 6 floors and each floor venue rooms. For example, main reception was in 3rd floor and main stage was in grand hall in 3rd floor. In addition, there also had kids’ club, finding, shot booth, cloakroom and so on. Finding and Analysis

On 12th May 2013, for service department, in pre-open stage the service members need to meet twice in every week for planning and organization, one time is from 8:00AM to 9:30AM on Tuesday, other time is from 13:00PM to 14:30PM on Friday. In opening, there also had some problems, but the members think solutions for these problems. After event, the members shut down also had some problems, but through the cooperation and efforts of team members, and ultimately complete the task well. In addition, the members will get feedback during 15 week to 16 week. Planning Stage

In pre-open stage, the members need to meet twice from 2 week to 14 week. The service director Mr. Philip led the team members who step by step to success. Mr. Philip follow the world of the hospitably event theme, depending on the location manage the separation of the different sectors to perform service, there were service in Grand hall, Maxx, Market place, Reception and French restaurant. There also had service manager, assistant service manager, grand hall service manager, Maxx service manager, Market place service manager, Reception service manager and French restaurant service manger. Each department needs to provide planning for...

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