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Assignment Front Sheet

3. Module Name: Festival and Events Industry
4. Assignment No: Assignment 2
5. Lecturer Name: Dr. Susanne Coates
6. Submission Date: August24, 2012

People all over the world celebrate different types of festival in different occasion. There are different types of event or festival such as religious, cultural, musical, sports, personal, corporate etc. People celebrate all of these events with great festive mood. The objective of this assignment is to prepare a plan for an event and also identify the key skills necessary to organise an event successfully. To prepare a plan for an event I have chosen a cultural festival which is known as Pohela Boisakh. The concept, objectives and detail description of this event are described below. Concept and Objective of the Event:” Pohela Boisakh “is the first day of Bengali New Year. People celebrate this event with the hope that this New Year will bring new hopes and opportunity in their life. Now a day this festival has become very popular to all classes of Bengali people. Statistic shows that more than one million Bangladeshi people live in UK. They are far away from Bengali culture and the new generation has no idea about Bangladeshi culture. This festival tries to bring whole Bangladeshi people under one umbrella. The main objectives to organise this of this event are described below: * To celebrate the Bengali New Year.

* To introduce the Bengali culture to the new generation. * To provide entertainment
* Create bonding with the community.
* Promote Bengali culture &
* Gather all generation under one Umbrella.
These are the main objective of organising this event in UK. Details of the Event: The event will take place in 14th April 2013 at Altaf Ali Park in White Chapel. As, it is one of the greatest festivals of Bengali culture it is expected that thousands of people will participate in this festival. Survey shows that more than 30 percent people of Bengali community lives in east London area. In order to ensure the presence of large number of Bengali community this festival will celebrate in east London area. The schedule of the event are presented in a table below

Pohela Boisakh| 14th April,2013|
Venue| Altaf Ali Park, White Chapel, E1 4ND.|
Rally | 10.00am|
Opening speech| 11.00pm|
Cultural Event| 11.30pm|
Launch Break| 2.30pm|
Traditional Sports| 4.00pm|
Closing speech| 6.30pm|
Fees| Free|

Site Details: Altaf Ali Park is situated in the heart of white chapel area. It is situated near the white chapel underground station. So people can easily come to celebrate this event. Near the park lots of business and commercial organisation and most of this organisation are operated by Bangladeshi people. So it is an extra opportunity for us to collect sponsor ship from these organisations. Stake Holder: The stake holders of this event will be all Bangladesh people, local community, local council, cultural institution, business organisation, press and media, law and enforcement authority, transportation authority and government. The whole event is presented below through a pert chart with time Rally from New road at 10.00am

Rally from Brick Lane at 10.30pm.

Musical function at 12.00am

Opening speech at 11.30

Drama at 2.30pm

Traditional sports at 4.00pm

Breaks at 3.30 pm

Closing speech at 6.30pm.



Pert Chart Description of the chart: The festival will start by a rally from new road and another rally will start from Brick lane join. Both of the rally will covers different areas and join together at Altaf Ali Park. After rally the festival will start with opening speech and it will take 30 min. If the weather conditions becomes unfavourable, than the festival will start by opening speech and no rally will be...

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