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Topics: Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures, Brenda Howard, Pride parade Pages: 5 (1026 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Event Audit Assignment
Fundamental information
Event title: LGBT pride parade (NYC Gay Pride March) --- the march of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Location: Begins at 36th St. & Fifth Ave and ends at Christopher & Greenwich Streets. Date and Time: Sunday, June 29, 2014

Line Up: 11 a.m., Step Off: 12 p.m.
Cost of event: This event is free and open to the public. No tickets necessary. Sponsors: More than 70 enterprises and media sponsors.
Description of the event:
The march is not only a modern Gay Rights movement but also an upbeat and festive event that draw a large crowd of participants from all around the world. This time, more than 360 social organizations and one million participants and spectators took part in this march. These participants express themselves in whatever way they think fit, which typically amounts to a spectacular display of creative, vibrant and original costumes, displays and floats. Facility Management

Organizer: Heritage of Pride
Official website: http://www.nycpride.org/
After taking part in this special march, I found Heritage of Pride organize this time-honored event very well. For example, one the biggest problem of a successful March is preserving public order and avoiding chaos. So the organizer has to pay more attention to arrange large number of staff on security. In this event, organizer invited NYPC as well as some active volunteer to maintain order. When it comes to volunteers, even more noteworthy is recruiting volunteers. Heritage of Pride posted the information of this pride on the official website and invite, encourage individuals to join in the event. According to the skills, time availability and interest, Heritage of Pride could pick the right job for these volunteers. It is the best opportunity for active event participants to experience in different way. Venue

Heritage of Pride choose the 36th St. & Fifth Ave as the initial point of the march and the Christopher & Greenwich Streets as the terminal point. Fifth Ave is a major thoroughfare in the center of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the most famous avenues in the world as well as the world’s trendiest street. If the march is held in Fifth Avenue, it must emerge in the world spotlight and lead the world thought trend. All of these seem to all point to the goal of LGBT pride parade: appeal to the world for building a future without discrimination where all people have equal rights under the law. In addition, the terminal point of the march is Christopher & Greenwich Streets, where the “stonewall riots” appealed in 1969. Therefore I think this venue is the best choose for LGBT pride parade since it has practical application value as well as historically significant. Parking

Because this event is held in the open air, the organizer doesn’t have to consider the problem of accommodation. However, there is no doubt that parking can be one of the tricky problems for millions of participants. In order to solve this problem, Heritage of Pride offers large amounts of parking information on the official website. Take myself as an example; before I went there to take part in this march, I selected an appropriate park lot on the official website. So I went straight to the park lot when I got there. I have to admit that it is much more convenient and timesaving for participants to take part in the march by the information organizer offers on its official website. Sensory Audit

As already mentioned, LGBT pride parade is not only a modern Gay Rights movement but also an upbeat and festive event. So the main wants of participants are getting together, enjoying and using their own way to express their aspiration of equal right for love. They always express their earnest hope by colorful and charm performance, this year was no exception. Some of participants danced to the music from the sound system of floats; some of them flow flags, hand-held banners and shout slogans to theirs...
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