Event in My Life

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Going to college is not just to get education but also to learn something and make something make me proud of. People attend college or university for many different reasons for new experience, career preparation, or increased knowledge.

First of all, I decided to study in college not only to prepare for future job but also to get new experience in the life and enhance knowledge. Also, taking advantage of studying other country's culture is an excellent experience of my life. When I decided to study in college, my goal is to continue study until I get my master's degree in Computer Information Technology and obtain new experience.

Moreover, having degree from developed countries such as united-state gives me better opportunities than other country or even from my country. Therefore, I decided to attend SNHU to get my degree. Second, this maybe the last chance for me to study in such an academic environment where professor teach me plenty of knowledge in my aspects; as a rule, I’m trying my best to collect as good as possible in the subject that I like. This also helps me to gain an abundant knowledge for future life The reason why people attend to a college or university is to prepare for their future job. In order to get a better job, the level of education is essential for people who are looking for job vacancies. Most students in colleges or universities not only learn from theory but also from practical training. Accordingly, a great number of people go to college or university because of career preparation. Furthermore, The more people attend college or university, the more develop society is. As long as background knowledge and experience decide one’s job opportunities, people who attend college or university are constructing their future by the best materials.

Finally, I am happy that I made my choice to continue my education Attending college would be my way to succeed my gaol and archive the life I want to be .
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