Event Design Proposal

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We are an event organization that is called Eventastic. This agency consists of six experienced and motivated managers that have worked individually after finishing their studies. Due to the fact that we were sharing the same interests, vision and mission we came together.

Every manager took a big responsibility in accomplishing their role with professionalism and working on the concept towards a common goal. All the managers have worked in a productive way and our main focus was on fulfilling the clients' needs and expectations.

We want to thank Mr. van Driem for giving us the opportunity to develop the concept and be part of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. Furthermore, we want to thank our teacher Ms. Cromme, for her support and inspiration during the realization of our proposal.

1. Event Company

1.1 Description of Eventastic
We are working with six professional event managers since 2000. We are all specialized in our own work field, as you can see in the organization structure below. Because of our different cultures, we look at organizing an event with different perspectives. Besides that, we all have a lot of experience in the event world and work together for almost 13 years. Organizing the lottery of the ‘UEFA Cup’ and organizing ‘Queensday’ in Amsterdam are two examples of our previous events. We are committed to ensuring an event that brings exceptional results. We want the companies to not only love the experience of their event, but also working with us.

1.2 Organization Chart

2. Concept London Olympics


Our concept is the Dutch flag where by each color stands for something different: ▪ Red can be associated with fire, which stands for the Olympic fire and therefore the Olympic games, which should take in place in the Netherlands in 2028. Furthermore the Olympic games are standing for an international sports event. The red part of the flag stands in regards to the aim of hosting the Olympic games in the Netherlands also for the international openness of the Netherlands. ▪ White can be associated with wind, which stands for new ideas and innovation. This color should show the innovation of Holland´s products and companies. ▪ Blue can be associated with water, which stands for life or also survive.

The Dutch flag is surrounded by an orange frame, which stands for the “Dutch feeling and experience” and furthermore it can be associated with our slogan “See the world through Dutch eyes”.

3. Venue Management

3.1 Business to Business

3.1.1 Target group
When it comes to the target group, it can be said that the companies or people from the target group are very important since they may be the potential customers for the event and there are lots of opportunities to collaborate with them. Since the subject is Sport & Dutch Leisure and Hospitality, the target group for B2B is hotels chains that people can make business with. These hotel chains can offer packages to other customers and attract them in an easier way. At this point, tour operators are also important since they can help to offer packages including transportation, accommodation and so on. They will contribute to have concrete offers for the customers. Booking agencies can handle arrangements related to the venture in the events. They can supply materials like speakers and so on. In addition, food and beverage industry is also important since it has some advantages to outsource catering companies. It is more effective and cheaper. In addition, event planners/agencies, marketers and sport events have the place in the target group.

With the help of these target groups which can also be seen as potential customers that are aimed to attract to the event, the event will be a good platform for them to meet new people, do network and strength the relationships within the industry. The companies and people from the target...
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