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During my internship at Satrang entertainments, I have worked on multiple tasks, projects and activities. Satrang entertainments projects and activities can be divided into daily tasks that involve office work, and the on-site activities that have to be conducted at the actual events. Daily tasks and activities (routine)

Searching and adding contacts to database
Updating the websites
Contacting potential sponsorship partners
Organizing/editing event schedules and documents
Mailing letters to clients
Researching upcoming events
Marketing and promoting events
Writing and posting about events
Maintaining budgets of events

The tasks and projects that I have worked on during my internship can be divided into the following work areas: Event planning
Public Relation Researching
Marketing & communication


Satrang entertainment is an event planning company that is why this area is the most important one. Most of the focus and attention goes in here. Planning an event can take up to weeks or months. I mostly worked on the planning process of the Fast Lane events. A event where young urban professionals meet and network, discuss trends, trade tips and make beneficial contacts with other professionals in various industries. Satrang entertainment uses critical paths for scheduling event project activities to plan the Fast Lane events. The event project activities are divided into the following: •Administration

Marketing and Promotion
Risk Management/Health and Safety
Food and Beverage

In my internship report I will describe the Fast Lane event project activities that I was involved in. •Administration
Searching and adding contacts to docs
Updating the websites
Contacting potential sponsorship partners
Organizing and updating documents and schedules
Mailing letters to clients

Searching and adding contacts to docs Adding contacts to...
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