Eve white vs Real eve

Topics: Personality psychology, Dissociative identity disorder, The Three Faces of Eve Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Eve and Chris Chris Sizemore was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. She was one of the first cases doctors had ever come across. With being such a special case, Chris was asked if she would be interested in having a movie made about her life. Chris and her family decided to peruse the movie, but not to use her real name. The directors of the film decided to give her the name of Eve White. However, there were parts of the movie that did not happen in real life or were twisted in the making of The Three Faces of Eve. Having a disorder like Chris was diagnosed with is not only hard to the patient, but also hard for friends and family. In Chris’ life she had a loving husband and two children. Eve was in a bad relationship where she did not love her husband and a young daughter, Bonnie who she adored. When Eve White turned into Eve Black, a rollicking young woman with a sly grin, she would physically harm Bonnie and would be extremely mean to her the little girl. Eve Black strangled Bonnie one day and happened to Chris’ eldest daughter as well when a different personality came out. Chris’ children say that none of their mother’s personalities ever hurt them, but they defiantly had their favorites, which they got across in the movie. Bonnie enjoyed when Jane’s personality came out because she was kind and playful with her. In the movie Jane finds a man who she falls in love with, but does not feel as if she could marry him because she has

more than one personality. They ended up getting married which was a true story from Chris’ life. However, in the movie they did not put in that they did not tell anyone about her disorder because her new husband Don and their children would have to move because the neighbors would not wanting her to live by them because she is “crazy.” The Faces of Eve was based off of Chris’ life, but Chris had 22 personalities...
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