Evangelical Revolt

Topics: Baptist, Religion, Christianity Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: October 29, 2007
Evangelical Revolt
Rhys Isaac discusses how after the Great Awakening colonists struggled for allegiance between two very different social worlds. Isaac argues that Baptist growth throughout Virginia was a countercultural movement that was caused by dissatisfaction with contemporary society, resulting in a revolt against the traditional system. Rhys Isaac carefully examined the Baptists to find out how they were able to achieve a new social group. I agree with Issac that the Baptists' growth was a result of a variety of factors including "the gentry, their values and how they were maintained, and their determination to plant churches."(p.165) Isaac's argument is a logical explanation to the differences and the social groups created in Virginia. The ability to stay loyal to the Baptist religion was very difficult considering that it was going against traditional ways. I was very surprised to hear the story of Brother Waller being lashed for preaching his Baptist beliefs.

This text being the first I had heard of the Baptists in the history of America, was surprising to me because it is a big issue that should be a focal point in our nation's past. Our nation is made up of many religions and we owe it to our ancestors for creating a diverse society. This reading relates to how Professor Kornfeld discussed the Enlightenment and Awakening in America and how the people developed very diverse beliefs despite all coming from Britain. This proves that minute changes in ones surroundings can have drastic changes on them as a person. "The town of Virginia was divided not by the common dispute of political power or distribution of wealth but over the ways of man and the ways of God." (p.164)
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