Evaluative essay comp 2

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Evaluative Essay
Fast food restaurants are extremely successful in today’s world, but which restaurant is really better? That may be an easy decision to make right off the bat, but looking into further detail may make one change his or her mind. When choosing a place to eat, evaluating certain criteria, like food quality and taste, service, prices, and overall atmosphere could assist in the decision-making process. Two of the largest, most popular fast food chains in America today are Wendy’s and McDonalds, so this essay will provide an evaluation of the overall quality of both.

When going to Wendy’s or McDonald’s, the first detail one sees is the large, glowing neon sign that towers above the actual restaurant itself, screaming out, “Pick me! Pick me!” Then, there is the choice of pulling around through a “drive-thru” or parking and eating inside. Every Wendy’s and McDonald’s is generally the same in appearance. A Brown, brick building, large glass windows, men’s and women’s restrooms, a dining area, the front counter where orders are taken and the kitchen behind the front counter comprise basically every restaurant there is. Remodeling to the original appearances of each restaurant has been taking place over time though, to attract more attention and provide an update to the progressing technology of today. Some things have not changed yet, though. Wendy’s logo is and has always been a red-haired, freckled little girl wearing a blue dress. The logo was designed based off of Dave Thomas’s, the founder of Wendy’s, daughter. The restaurant also received its name from Dave’s daughter, Wendy. McDonald’s logo is a giant, yellow letter “M”. McDonald’s received its name from two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. Ray Crock, the founder of McDonalds, found a small burger joint that was run by the two brothers, and suggested the idea of creating a restaurant chain. The brothers’ last name has remained until this day. Wendy’s and McDonald’s are two different...
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