Evaluation Thailand Torism's Services and Facilities

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Tourism is now becoming the major industry that makes millions of money to Thailand in a year. The attention has been given to the quality of tourism and our own attractions whether a natural attractions (Beaches, mountains, lakes), historical attractions that contains a very long and memorable history of our country, or even a shopping facilities in Thailand that is being considered one of the great shopping paradises in South East Asia. Another significant in tourism industry in Thailand at the very moment also includes the sustainable tourism. Thailand’s tourism industry attracts millions of people from all around the world in each year.

A successful tourism industry will enhance the positive image of Thailand, leading to its better perception as a tourist destination. The overall satisfaction in the tourism of Thailand seemed to be the most crucial factor that influences the tourists for their repeat visitation to Thailand whether for the tourism purpose or others purposes. Thus, in order to become a successful and a leading in Tourism Industry it’s very important for us to have a completely understanding on the tourists’ perceptions on the quality of Thailand’s tourism.

This report is the presentation of tourists’ perception survey which divided into four main parts; Section A: Trip Characteristics
Section B: Evaluation of Thailand’s Tourism Amenities
Section C: Personal Data
Section D: Overall Satisfaction

Data Collection Methodology

Quantitative data collection involves gathering numerical data using structured questionnaires or observation guides to collect primary data from individuals. The data range from trips characteristics, evaluation of Thailand’s tourism amenities, personal data, and overall satisfaction. Business researchers often refer to quantitative data collection as survey research. Since our research involves collecting information from the large sample of individuals, survey research is the best approach. An important consideration with surveys is that respondents clearly know information about their behavior or attitudes being collected.

In conducting this survey, we use the self-completion methods which primarily based on the drop-off and pick up. Self-completion approaches to collecting data use structured questions which is a predetermined set of questions designed to capture data from respondents. It’s a scientifically developed instrument for measurement of key characteristics of individual.

Our group conducted this research primarily in Hatyai (Downtown) and some of them were conducted at Padangbasar (borders of Thailand). The reasons behind the selected location for surveys are followings; Hatyai is a tourist’s destination where there are diverse nationalities of tourists from all around the world especially during weekend, at borders there are a lot of foreigners came into Thailand through immigration.

The major problem we found during conducting the survey is that most of the respondents were complaint that the survey contains too many pages and takes a long time to complete. Another problem was about the information given by the respondents. There are many of them ignored some part of the survey and didn’t fill in their personal data because they fear of revealing their real name in this survey even we have mentioned in the first part of the questionnaire that these information will be kept confidentially. During the survey we found that language (English) is another problem among the respondents group. There are many of them especially the Malaysians who generally speak Chinese as their first language so it made them didn’t understand much English and quite difficult to communicate with. Sexual harassment was another problem we found as our group consists of all women. When we did the research, some of the respondents treated us with an unacceptable manner and language.

The recommendations if this study to be conducted again...

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