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I. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1) Jim’s really_____________. He hates meeting new people. shy sensitive extrovert
2) Julia sometimes gets ________ if she’s not allowed todo what she wants. sensible moody mean
3) You’re too ________. Please let me pay this time!
generous honest sensitive
4) Debra was very ________ tonight. Do you think she’s OK? extrovert shy quiet
5) Dave’s just ________ because you got a higher score in the test yesterday. ambitious spoilt jealous
6) In sport, boys are often more ________ than girls. They always want to win. bossy competitive reliable
7) You should think about how other people feel instead of being so ________! spoilt independent selfish
8) My brother’s so ________. He can talk to anyone about anything. insecure sociable manipulative

II. Complete the sentences with one word

1) I get ___________ by running every morning.
2) It is very important to warm ________ before doing sport. 3) A football ________ is about 100 metres long.
4) Volleyball and basketball are usually played indoors in a sports ________. 5) There is a new ski ________ in my town and it is indoors. 6) In the NBA a basketball ________ is about 28 metres long. 7) Mike got ________ when he fell on the basketball court and he couldn’t finish the game. 8) We play tennis, and we ________ tai-chi

III. Complete the sentences with the correct word(s).

1) I’m just going to take _______some money before we go to the cinema. up out with
2) I’m trying not to ________ money on clothes I will never wear. invest waste charge
3) I try to ________ some of my salary every month so that I can go travelling. save afford cost
4) My parents ________ me some money so I could buy a car.
borrowed owed lent
5) When he’s twenty-one, he’s going to ________money from his grandmother, who died last year. invest inherit take out
6) We were charged z170 ________ the bottle of champagne!
at with for
7) Let me...
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