Evaluation Paper on Wrong Political Practices in the Philippines

Topics: Philippines, Quezon City, Manila / Pages: 5 (1073 words) / Published: Oct 14th, 2012
Ella Mae Rowena M. Aspe En11 Evaluation Paper
Mr. Roy Agustin
Wrong Political Practices of Politicians in the Philippines: “Epalness”

First of all, let me define what the word “epal” means in local Filipino slang lingo. “Epal” is defined, by the Urban Dictionary, as a very annoying person; a person who always loves to butt in other people's conversation; attention grabber. My evaluation will mainly focus on the attention grabbing characteristics of being “epal” of most politicians or our so called “public servants” in the Philippines. Going around the streets of the Philippines, not only in big cities, there is one thing that will constantly be there, be it in waiting sheds, covered courts, and most of the time, attached to tangled electric or telephone wires. I’m talking about all these names either printed on tarpaulins or painted on permanent structures. These are the names of the politicians who, apparently, were the people behind the building of the barangay’s new covered court. This is what I call legitimately “epal”. They are the epitome of what “epal” really means.
When travelling to other countries, I’m usually awestruck with the cleanliness of wherever city I am (I don’t mean to imply that ALL the cities outside the Philippines are clean, I guess I’m just lucky that I’ve gone to some of the cleaner ones). It has a really good effect on me that I’ve never really experienced here in the Philippines. It’s very sad to know this fact. Would you expect to see telephone booths in London painted with “Made Possible Through The Efforts Of PM David Cameron” or tarpaulins hanging from fountains in Rome saying “A Project of PM Mario Monti.”? I don’t think so. Imagine if they did put those, it would certainly ruin the beauty and grace of these two majestic cities. Also, if they did, they are “epal” to the grandeur of the place. This is what is happening now in the Philippines. Most politicians promise progress in the place they govern through a cleaner and

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