Evaluation Paper on People with Disabilities

Topics: Disability, Training, Person Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: April 23, 2010

Why it is important to believe in change for individuals with disabilities in today’s community. (Hader)Developmental Services, Inc. is a nonprofit agency established in 1975 to help children and adults with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities reach their greatest potential at home, work and in the community. DSI provides early intervention services as well as job training and job placement, independent and group living, life skills training, respite care and family support. DSI currently provides service to individuals in 27 South Central Indiana counties. (DSIs Web-Site Article) Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity. There are several reasons for choosing to work for or use DSI as a service provider for a loved one. The staffs are trained with specialists that have a vast amount of knowledge about working with people with disabilities. The people that DSI provides for are often in need of local support, obtaining a job, or to give a family member a chance away from home knowing that there loved is in the best hands possible. There are many services available for families to choose from at DSI. Weather the situation calls for a job placement or a full time service staff DSI can help individuals with disabilities in many ways. The staffs go through vigorous training before being placed on the job. The training never really ends as doctors and specialists find new and exciting ways to better life for individuals with disabilities, or special needs. When placed with DSI the individual with needs becomes a client and has their very own staff people, or staff person. Every effort is made to insure the client and family’s needs are met. There are many services that DSI can do that help make lives better, and families happier in life. Weather it is a short period of time or a family has made a decision to have an individual live in a twenty four hour group home DSI can provide the daily life style everyone has. We encourage people with...
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