Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics
Business codes of ethics are written guidelines use by an organization to set the standards for employees and management conduct and behavior ("Businessdictionary.com," 2013). Business code of ethics is important to deal with ethical the rules and principles needed for a successful business. Also known as code of conduct a business code of ethics reflect an organization values, ethics, objective, and responsibilities ensuring corporate responsibility, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction creating excellence, accountability, and transparency. In this paper an explanation and description of some general information concerning Starbucks mission, and ethical system uses with examples of their uses. The essay will also identify how the code of ethics affects employees, managers, and board of directors within the organization. An explanation of the organization need to modify the existing code of ethics and the best method to implement these changes will be discussed. Furthermore, a discussion of the possible reactions from employees, managers, and the effects the code may have on the organization will be provided. Starbucks general information general information, mission statement, and code of ethics

Starbucks first opened in 1971 in Seattle historic Pike Place Market owned by three partners Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker. During the first decade, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker sold high-quality coffee beans and equipment a skilled learned from coffee roasting entrepreneur Alfred Peet. In 1982, entrepreneur Howard Shultz joined Starbucks taking the role of Director of Retail Operations and while visiting Italy, Howard Shultz experience the Italian “coffee culture” where patrons sit around tables enjoying themselves while drinking coffee, socialize, and spend time in relaxation. Shultz believed the Italian “coffee culture” could serve the same purpose in United States, and incorporating...

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