Evaluation of Two Web Sites - Debenhams and John Lewis

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Evaluation of two Web sites
Factors influencing student’s choice of websites for comparison in relation to their personal or other interests (100 words) John Lewis and Debenhams websites were chosen mostly because they are a retail organization which satisfies a wide range of the consumer's personal and residential hard goods product needs; and at the same time offering the consumer a choice of multiple merchandise at variable price points, in all product categories. Basically, one has everything needed in just one place, including the option to choose between enormous varieties of brands. In additional to that are also entertaining for the whole family once electrical and toys are also found. Another important fact that can be mentioned is the chance to look for a present or similar without leaving the house. Brief description of the websites: their aims and audience (250 words) John Lewis

With the purpose to create a different sort of company, owned by Partners to serving customers with fairness, John Lewis was founded in 1864. The chain of department stores operates all the way through United Kingdom and stocks more than 150,000 lines focused on furnishings and household goods, garden, fashion (women, men, children and baby), giftware, electrical, beauty, sport and leisure. The same range of products one can find at one of the 32 John Lewis shops. The website (www.johnlewis.com) represents almost with perfection what is the store. Focus on the whole family, John Lewis is predominantly upper middle and middle class and also has a partnership with Waitrose which sells food items and other products. Debenhams

Debenhams was founded in 1778 and it is also a department store that operates in the UK, Ireland and Denmark, and franchise stores in other countries. The company product range includes theirs own brand as well as international brands and created a good mix that seems to reach mass family market, specially mature and young women, including brides. The website follows the atmosphere at the store: everything at the same place at the same time. It offers a wide range of products across women wear, men wear, children’s wear lingerie, accessories, health and beauty, home ware and gifts. Among other aims, the company intend to increase sales and market share, as they improve customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, and continue expanding internationally through arrangements with franchise partners. Description of the criteria by which student evaluates the websites and tools/methods available for evaluation (150 words) Criteria for evaluation

1.First impressions
a first impression is what a person thinks of the website when they first click at it. It is that milliseconds after the first click that can influence following judgments of website credibility and buying decisions. This include can include load time, colours, logo, images, typography, layout and ease of navigation.

this criterion covers the functionality of the website. Regardless of the computer or browser used by the audience, a website should function perfectly. Another important aspect is to check if the website can be accessible to all potential audiences including those with visual, auditory, or other challenges.

this criterion can be critical for the website success. If the user cannot easily access the information the content will be worthless. In other words, this determines how long a visitor stays and explores the site. Everything must be a mouse-click away.

is the visual and textual that comes together as part of the user experience on websites. Can be defined as what is “inside” the website and can include videos, sounds and images. All this elements should meet the audience’s needs.

also known as layout, refers to the way that the content is given to an end-user. This criterion will define if one finds what it’s looking for and if it was an enjoyable experience....
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