Evaluation of the Usefulness or Otherwise of Vat’s Mission Statement Using the Ashridge Model.

Topics: Statements, Strategic planning, Mission statement Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: August 27, 2008
1)The purpose of the organization
Evaluating the mission statement of VAT in terms of its purpose as an organization can be seen in the statements “mobilizing revenue for national development” and “To ensure successful management and sustainable development of VAT in Ghana” in its mission statement. The core purpose for establishing VAT is to generate revenue for national development and also to sustain the development of the VAT service in Ghana. The two statements above highlights the core purposes of the VAT service in Ghana. It can be concluded that the mission statement of VAT is useful in terms of the purpose of the VAT service.

2)The values of the organization
Organizational values may be explained as things which it places premium on; it can also mean standards set by the organization to match its activities or behaviors against. The values of the organization are also one of the criteria that have to be satisfied by a useful mission statement. Assessing the values in the mission statement VAT service, “engendering public confidence”, “fair application of the tax laws” and “integrity” can be identified as a values contained in the mission on statement. Hence, it can be said that the mission statement reflects the values of the organization VAT Service

3)A statement of behaviour standards
This may be referred to as behaviour standards that staff as well as the cooperate body are expected to adhere to in their day to day activities. It may also be explained as the expected behaviour or conduct of employees to achieve organizational goals which may also be used as indicators for appraising management and employee performance. In the VAT Mission Statement, “Integrity” can be identified as a standard of behaviour because both management and staff are required act in conformity with it. The Mission Statement thus satisfies the requirement of “behaviour Standard”.

4)Organizational strategy
The organizational strategy is defined by Chandler...
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