evaluation of the three energy systems used in physical activity

Topics: Glycogen, Cellular respiration, Metabolism Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Analysis of the three different energy systems and their use in sport There are three main systems for the resynthesis of ATP and each process is specifically designed for different situations not only this but each process comes with its own positives and negatives. The first process it the ATP/PC energy system, The ATP/PC energy system provides energy via coupled reactions, to resynthesize ADP back into ATP. PC phosphocreatine) is another high-energy phosphate compound which stores potential energy. When ATP levels fall and ADP levels increase, this stimulates the release of the enzyme creatine kinase, which breaks down the PC bond releasing energy (exothermic reaction). This energy cannot be used for muscular work hut is coupled to the resynthesis of ADP hade into ATP. Below shows this coupled reaction, where the energy released from FC is used to resynthesise ADP back into ATP in an endothermic reaction. Although the ATP/PC system can work aerobically, it does not require oxygen so is termed anaerobic and takes place in the sarcoplasm of muscle cells. As a simple compound located exactly where is required, PC is quickly broken down. However; with limited stores and with just one PC resynthesizing only one ATP, it can only supply energy to resynthesise ATP for 3 to 10 seconds during an all-out maximal sprint,or in other word the ATP/PC system is mainly used in Explosive, short length activities such as weightlifting or the 100m. They involve a short burst of maximal effort. The ATP/PC system can be improved through training , when you train aerobically you overload the ATP and PC system, this increases the bodies muscle stores of both ATP and PC therefore delaying the threshold between ATP/PC and the lactic acid system. As a result of this the duration of the ATP/PC system can be increased by up to 2 seconds. There are many advantages but also many disadvantages of the ATP/PC system, advantages such as it does not require oxygen, PC is nearly always a readily...
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