Evaluation of Teaching Observation

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Evaluation of the teaching observation
For the purpose of this assignment, I observed an ESOL teacher in a lesson involving mature students and I was immediately aware I could adapt her style and improve the standard of my teaching. Although the subject was different from mine, the students were learning a foreign language and some of the strategies used could be of use to me. I saw a culturally diverse classroom, in which there were students of both sexes and many nationalities including people from Poland, Belgium, Holland, Iraq and Pakistan. The importance of equal opportunities to express themselves was instantly apparent: all students must have a fair and equal chance to learn. Their educational background was also very diverse. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher gave the students an opportunity to share with others anything they liked to talk about: their lives, particularly daily routine, family and their cultural backgrounds. This opening “news-telling” exercise was a very good tactic because it gave the otherwise hesitant students a chance to speak knowledgeably of what they knew. It also gave them the necessary practice in English on the subject that mattered to them, and in doing so they found a fluency that encouraged them. I observed that the students enjoy that activity and pay a lot of attention when someone was speaking. Other activities such as question and answer, written tasks, pair and group activities were provided. These required the students to apply the newly found knowledge to practical situations. To make the learning lighter, the teacher also used a game where the students had to take it in turn to add a sentence to the previous one. Their skills were developed without them realising. The focus of class instructions was divided among the four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students received considerable feedback for all the activities during the lesson. It was noticeable that both verbal and...

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