Evaluation of Marketing Strategy

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Many countries in the world have programs that provide housing assistance to its residents. Most programs are focused on assistance with rental, although, programs that assist homeowners also exist. Typically, the target group for these programs is defined in terms of low-income, although other criteria such as age (the elderly), presence of disability, and family status (presence of young children in the household) have also been used as preference or eligibility criteria for these programs. Programs may exist at the national, provincial and other jurisdiction level (Kutty, 2004).

The objectives of the public institutions through which nations implement their welfare policies include promoting efficiency, supporting living standards, promoting equity, achieving administrative competence (Barr, 1993) and macroeconomic stabilization. Housing policy program may be reviewed in order to develop a framework for evaluating an actual housing policy program. A program whose characteristics deviate only very little from the characteristics of the ideal program should be considered to be a program of high quality. In light of the objectives of social welfare policy, the following characteristics of an ideal housing policy program are: Efficiency, support for living standards, equity, administrative competence and macroeconomic stabilization.

The extent to which the consumers’ preferences of individual home buyers should shape the delivery of new housing should not be overstated, of course. There is an essential job to be done in balancing the wide range of interest and priorities that surround the issue. Bit in providing this leadership, professionals and policy makers have to start from the genuine aspirations and assumptions of the consumer themselves.

Drawing on a range of recent opinion surveys, this report sets out what we know about what home buyers want and compares this with the supply being created.
Consumer’s views cannot be the only determinant of new housing design. A direct match between stated consumer preferences and supply does not guarantee successful and viable housing. The home is not simply another consumer durable. A house has a life that must be measured in decades rather than months or years; it is not a fashion consumable to be left at the local charity shop when tastes change, but the single major lifetime investment for most people and increasingly source of financial security.

In the Philippines, R.A. 7292 otherwise known as the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 and R.A. 7160 or the Local Government Code stipulates the mandate of LGUs to provide the housing needs of their “homeless constituents,” thus “justifying” the need for them to implement their respective local housing programs.

The researcher will conduct s study on the evaluation of the marketing strategy in improving service quality of Harmony Homes Subdivision that was owned and developed by Tiger Construction and Development Corporation located at Bahay, Libmanan, Camarines Sur. It was developed in the mid-1990s and presently it is the fast growing housing program in the Municipality of Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Statement of the Problem
The study focuses on the, marketing strategy of Harmony Homes Subdivision in Libmanan Camarines Sur. Specifically, this research seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What are the services offered by the Harmony Homes Subdivision that influences homeowners in choosing it?
2. What is the marketing strategy of Harmony Homes Subdivision in improving their service quality?
3. Does the marketing strategy of Harmony Homes Subdivision useful and meeting the requirements in influencing homeowners/buyer?

Importance of the Study
Developing this research was expected to be beneficial to the following:
Harmony Homes Subdivision Owner. This study serves as a guide to help and inform the owner in the area of...
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