Evaluation of Kris Hodgkins’s five options

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Cost Pages: 4 (851 words) Published: August 4, 2014
4.1 Evaluation of Kris Hodgkins’s five options
Hodgkins had five different options available that could be taken. Below is the summary of the five options and their advantages and disadvantages. Kris’s options
1. Inform the Millers that it was too late to customize the unit No extra costs for the general contractor
Construction schedule would not be delayed
The Millers could customize and control costs themselves
It would disappointed the Millers
The entire floor might be affected if the Millers customize the unit after closing Require extra coordination
2. Push through the changes
Minimize the demolition work required
It would satisfied the Millers if the cost is acceptable
Might affect the sales
Putting the unit on hold for quotes would be costly
Unclear responsibility to pay for the hold
3. Hire a small general contractor to finish the unit before closing Can customize the unit
Can work at the same time for different units
Minimum discontent to current contractors
Very costly thus quotes would be very expensive
Vandalism and violence could result from labour conflicts, not easy to manage two contractors Unclear responsibility for the two contractors
4. Stop work on the unit and hand it over empty to Millers
No extra costs to the general contractor
Millers could finish the unit at their convenience

Banks unlikely to lend money for the project
Minimize customer pool
Reduce control over the project
Continuing construction might affect the hotel
5. Move the Millers to a higher floor
Minimize the costs to Kelly
Loosen the time constraints
Construction could continue on the other floors, thus more convenient to general contractor Higher units are more expensive
Randolph would have to redesign, more costly to the Millers

As is shown in the table above, there is disadvantage for every option, all the opinions might cause some inconvenient to the Millers or the general contractor in different aspects. We...
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