Evaluation of Experience

Topics: Training, Financial audit, Nueva Ecija Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: October 12, 2011
With almost two months of my OJT in Internal Auditing Office of NUEVA ECIJA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE I INC., I have gained a lot of experience involving to real job situation. The staffs of Internal Auditing Office treat me as nice as I’m one of them. They helped me with the things that I must learn about their office as well as the company. Every Monday, NEECO I conduct a flag raising ceremony which every employee must be present of. I and the other On-The-Job trainees must also have to attend the ceremony. There are also events that the OJT are involved some of these are the blessing of the NEECO I gymnasium and of the consumers oval garden. The guest of this event is the NEA administrator. The General Manager of NEECO I discussed here the accomplishment NEECO I have achieved and its aim. In my training I used to arrange and manage records manually. A service memorandum has to be logged before releasing. I also encode some records like bills write offs and print it after it was finished. Write offs from a town took one week to finish. There are also some records that need to be encoded before filling like purchase orders. I am so thankful with this opportunity to work with them as a trainee because I have applied and developed what I have learned from the school. This experience also helped me learn how to deal with problems that I may encounter with my future job.

During my On - The - Job Training in Nueva Ecija Electric Cooperative I, there was no considerable problem in my place assignment. The problems that arise are mostly because I was not used to working in that environment. Some of these are:

At first, I had lack of self confidence and hard time searching the right approach on the staff of our office although they all show kindness to me.
I am not consistent on my early attendance, sometimes I got late which is not a good thing about a real job situation. And because of being late sometimes I forgot to record my time-in...
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