Evaluation of Animated Film

Topics: Animation, Brand, Advertising Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Evaluation of Animated film
My finished animation closely resembles my initial idea as the story behind it is exact but the quality isn’t as good as id like it to be. The reason for this is we didn’t have a sound studio to recorded to sound in so the sound frequency wasn’t monitored. The lighting also wasn’t up to the standard I would of liked as we didn’t have a dark room to recorded in so we could control the light. My target audience is teenagers between the age ranges of 14 to 18 year olds. Even though my animation can be perceived as quite child ish I have carried out research in to exciting adverts for my product and also created a questionnaire for my own. Which have given me the results that this style of advert works effetely. I have created a Ben and jerry’s advert will is recognisable to the brand name but not copied. The reason I decide to try and make my animation recognisable to the brand name is because Ben and jerry’s ice cream have a very different style of advert to any others and therefore have been successful also strait away people know it’s a Ben and jerry’s advert. The characters and the voice over used is very typical of the Ben and jerry style advert. First stage im making my decision on what material to use to make my animation, I had to understand how animation started and developed. I did this by looking at previous animations created and look at why are more popular than others. I then had to look at all the different types of materials used in animation and come up with the type of animation I thought worked well for my product. After doing some experiments with paper animation and drawing animation I decided to have a go at clay motion which worked effectively for me put I also interpreted paper animation for the background. Within making this animation I solely created all elements my self. The production didn’t stay on time as it was about a week behind on every task although I still managed to stay within the deadline. The...
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