Topics: Evaluation, Assessment, Summative assessment Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 3, 2013
"making informed judgements on the overall value of the learning program and whether or not the program accomplished what it set out to do." Chapter 8 ,Jeritt. MSU.edu.

1. Assessment Function: Developmental education aims at maximizing the output in the form of total and transferable development of the learner. Evaluation will have ultimately to assess the final performance of the learner, the value judgement being made in terms of the quantity and quality of the total attainment with respect to a specific curriculum area.

2. Diagnosis Function: Development is dynamic as it is a progressive movement towards the desired goal. The goal can be reached only if the progress is checked and monitored at every stage so that immediate goals are appropriately realized which in turn will ensure the realization of the final goal. This verification of the progress is attempted by immediate feedback leading to knowledge of results and is intended to identify or detect a variety of factors. On the basis of this detection, difficulties can be spot out and remedial measures can be taken to overcome these difficulties. Goal or Objective is being tested. explain how in th elesson taught each objective had a form of evaluation. For deffrentiating family types the worksheet was used. 3. Placement Function: Evaluation may conduct to determine whether the student can be promoted to a further stage, based on the realization o of the expected level. This function of the final evaluation is called the placement function. How they progress in the long term and short term.

Short term the teacher must esure that the student is comfortable with the topic taught before moving on to another. Long term the teacher must not only excel in social studies but all subject areas to move up in grade/standard. 4. Prediction Function: Another important function of evaluation is to predict whether the student is capable to undertake the anticipated...
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