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School Based Continuous &Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation:

Elimination of chance element and subjectivity (as far as possible), de-emphasis on memorization, encouraging comprehensive evaluation incorporating both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic aspects of learners Development Continuous evaluation spread over the total span of the instructional time as an integral built-in aspect of the total teaching-learning process Functional and meaningful declaration of results for effective use by teachers, students, parents and the society Wider uses of test results for purposes not merely of the assessment of levels of pupils’ achievements and proficiencies, but mainly for their improvement, thorough diagnosis and remedial/enrichment programmes Improvement in the mechanics of conducting examinations for realizing a number of other allied purposes Introduction of concomitant changes in instructional materials and methodology Introduction of the semester system

The use of grades in place of marks in determining and declaring the level of pupil performance and proficiency

Characteristics School Based Evaluation

School Based Evaluation has the following characteristics:

Is broader, more comprehensive and continuous than traditional system Aims primarily to help learners for systematic learning and development Takes care of the needs of the learner as responsible citizens of the future Is more transparent, futuristic and provides more scope for association among learners, teachers and parents

School based evaluation provides opportunities to teachers to know the following about their learners:

What they learn?
How they learn?
What type of difficulties / limitations they face in working in tandem? What do the children think?
What do the children feel?
What are their interests and dispositions?
The focus has shifted to developing a deep learning environment. There is a...
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