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Topics: Love, A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 28, 2015
ENG 111
Evaluation of the TV Series Game of Thrones
The HBO broadcasting network debuted my new favorite TV series Game of Thrones in April 17, 2011, which is based off the author George R.R Martin’s novels “Game of Thrones”. Since the first premiere of the fantasy driven drama series: resembling closely with medieval era, I instantly become a fan. Aside from the memorable characters, which oftentimes leads one to develop some form of attachment and then left with the unbearable shock due to well-known bloodlust of surprise executions gives more of reason to tune into the show. I would describe this show as truly unique where nothing is ever expected to be anticipated. It hold’s no true connection or trends to past popular shows, which makes it, stand out from the rest. The heavy storyline tells the tale of noble families feuding for control over the Iron Throne in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. It also appears to be surrounded with the emphasis of the coined phrase “Winter is Coming”, which sets the tone metaphorically as catastrophic times are fast approaching once again, which seems to be the current post apocalyptic world they live in. Its emphasis is not only meaning the threat of other living beings, environmental disaster factors, or political corruption; however, a mythical force of white walkers that roam the icy lands seeking the land south of the incredibly massive Wall. The Wall is protected by only men, which have pledged their allegiance to the Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch in order to protect any attempts of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to be overthrown by those exiled outside the Wall, or those unliving. Game of Thrones is always keeping me on my toes and I’m sure the other 18 million viewers can simply agree that it is suspenseful leading to many wanting more and more once the hour long show cuts off. The show has the ability to make you feel all sorts of emotions from laughing at witty comments to being left feeling sad and in a...
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