Evaluation Essay

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Evaluation Essay
Evaluations are important tools to understand why decisions are made and the factors evaluated to assist individuals in determining his or her goals, career choice, skills, and interest. Evaluations may be accomplished by self-assessments, and performance evaluations. Self-assessments and performance evaluations are essential tools to encourage and develop critical thinking skills. These tools may assist in personal and professional skill development. Understanding why we make the choices we make and what factors influence our decisions allows us to improve our decision making skills.

Below is a standardized performance evaluation used by my wife, Kimberly Davis, from a previous job. Various areas that assist in job performance are evaluated based on overall competency of the job.

Performance Evaluation
Appraisal Score
Name: Kimberly Davis Hire Date: 10 AUG 2008
Job Title: Medical Records TechDepartment: Patient Admin Division Division: Admissions and dispositionsManager Name: SFC Moore Review Period: 01 OCT 2010 to 30 SEP 2011
Purpose of Appraisal: ___For current employees during their 1st 3 months in a new position
_X Annual evaluation

Exceptional (5): Consistently exceeds all relevant performance standards. Provides leadership, innovation, and generates top quality work. Exceeds Expectations (4): Consistently meets and often exceeds all relevant performance standards. Shows initiative and versatility, works collaboratively, and has achieved significant improvement in technical & interpersonal areas. Meets Expectations (3): Meets all relevant performance standards. Lacks appropriate level of skills or inexperience/still learning the scope of job. Below Expectations (2): Sometimes meets the performance standards. Performance has declined significantly, or employee has not sustained adequate improvement. Needs Improvement (1): Consistently falls short of performance standards. Performance Factors...
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