Evaluation Criteria Paper

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Evaluation Criteria Paper
Eleanor Thomas
March 30, 2015
Instructor: Linda Ballard

Bradford Enterprise is growing its business, they went from having 10 location in one state to 22 location in seven states and 8,000 employees within those seven states. Bradford Enterprises HR department has to make some changes within their department for everything to fall in place. If the company wants to continue to do well and the employees stand out managers will be implementing some tools to continue growing the business. As being the manager I will provide three tools that will be able to work for the company and the employees. The tools that I will be bring to the table are Selection Testing, Human Resource System (HRIS) and Succession planning. I will identify the specific criteria for the selection process for each tool. Once the research is completed the committee and I will considered which one is best for the company to stay afloat. Selection Tests,

Before one of these three tools can be selected I would have to first see what testing system the company has in place for new hires. If the testing system that is in place does not meet the need of the company, than it will have to be replace with one that will allow the HR department to test the applicant abilities, skills and the applicant aptitude. The test will also allow HR to see if the applicant is able to complete his or her job duties. By selecting this tool it can be easy for HR to keep track how they administer the test and make sure the scoring of the is does not give an error. The major criteria that should be applied to tests as a basis for their selection are validity and reliability (Torgerson, 1947). There will be a different test for supervisors and managers, this test will allow HR to see how the applicant handle decision making. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Karimidizboni, R (2013) states that information is the base of all activities in an organization, and there should be a systems to produce and manage the data. The purpose of such type of systems is ensuring providing proper and reliable information and in a usable format, when it is needed. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Resource Management System (HRMS) refers to the systems and processes placed at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology (IT). (Edelhauser, E. (2012). This system will allow the HR department to keep date that was taken for the applicant the hiring process. The (HRIS) will allow Bradford Enterprise to see problems when they come up. The system will help HR with the employee’s verification, and all the documents that the employee’s signed when he or she first started with the company. Since Bradford Enterprise has 22 location within seven states and 8,000 employees a system like with can only help the company. Succession Planning

(Carlson 2005) states that Succession planning is actually a two-pronged process: the management succession and the ownership succession. The committee and I will take a closer look at each one and see if this tool will work for the company. Succession Management is a key talent management initiative. Done effectively, it minimizes leadership gaps and enables top talent to develop the skills necessary for future roles (Lamoureux 2009). This is something that can help the company and allow HR to place he right applicant in the right position. The succession plan can be a positive for the future of the company. If the company wants to be a strong opponent the industry the plan is needed. If they committee go with the succession plan they can be ahead of their competition. The plan will allow the company to see the needs of the business. Conclusion

Bradford Enterprise has a chance to be the top in their field, but the right tool is the key. After the committee and I took a looked at the tools advisable to the company, we...

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