Evaluation and Judgment

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Evaluation and Judgment
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What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?

     There are many different ways in which we evaluate people. The visual traits are one of the first to be noticed when we meet someone. These visuals include someone’s hair and clothing style, body shape and size, whether a person is fit or not. After meeting a person and getting past the visualization of a person we then observe or evaluate their communication by way of their tone and demeanor. We then categorize a person by what we have evaluated through first impressions in to a pre conceived category. If someone has a comforting softer tone it is likely to put people at ease and make them more comfortable compared to someone who may have a louder more abrupt tone which causes and uneasiness that make communication more difficult.

How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people?

      These factors play a role in our expectations because once we have evaluated and categorized people they must then live up to what we expect in order for us to consider them acceptable. Certain things people may wear could lead us to the assumption that they may be skilled in a particular field of work, or that they skilled in some type of sport or activity. This assumption would lead us to have certain expectations of that person whether or not what they are wearing has anything to do with their work or pass time. Appearances obviously lead us to believe or perceive different things about people based on their outward appearances which can lead to complications or undeserved judgments. What are the disadvantages of these expectations?

     The disadvantages of these expectations is that with our pre conceived notions of someone is that we may expect something of someone that may not be able to fill our expectations, which is not there fault but our own for making assumptions. These false expectations not only affect our own psyche but can...
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