Evaluation and Judgment

Topics: Stereotype, Prejudice, False Impression Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: November 15, 2013
Q1: What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? We evaluate people in a number of ways one of the ways which is very common is known as first impressions, in which upon seeing someone we instantly notice their clothing, hair style, skin color and other physical characteristics. Psychologists call this schema. The primacy effect is another way of evaluating people. This is a theory that once we make the initial evaluation, other information has little affect on how we view that person, so the first impression sticks. We also evaluate people based on Self-fulfilling prophecy, which is basically having expectations about a person which elicits certain behavior that confirms your expectations. Stereotypes is a very common evaluation people make about other groups of people, such as black, whites, Asians and so on. Usually this type of evaluation turns to be negative Q2: How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? The way we evaluate people plays a significant role in our expectations of them, whether it is good or bad. Factors such as first impressions may give a false impression. Sometimes a person may be having a bad day, but they are genuinely a nice person. Other factors such as stereotypes can have very negative expectations of other people. Middle Eastern people have a very negative stereotype since September 11, 2001. From schemata’s to stereotypes these factors influence people expectations of others; both positive and negative. People form views of others from these factors. These views are mainly based on false impressions that lead to prejudice and discrimination. Q3: What are the disadvantages of these expectations?

When people have expectations of others they create preconceived ideas of how that person will behave in certain situations. This is very judgmental on the part of the person who has these expectations. Whether good or bad, judging others is never a good thing. People form... The disadvantages of these...
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